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The post Covid-19 Era

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

The last 5 months have seen the novel Coronavirus wreak havoc in health care systems around the globe. More than 200 countries have been affected and it has taken a toll on all economies in the world. The way we practice medicine has perhaps changed forever. Elective surgeries and procedures had been canceled in countries worst hit by the infection. Many countries have slowly tried to get back to a 'new normal' with increasing numbers of procedures being performed. Surgeons and staff involved in surgery must now wear protective equipment during surgery to prevent possible transmission and infection. We have now learned the best way to prevent infections and a lot of evidence has come out in the last few months on the best practices to protect both patients and staff. Hospitals have now re-opened allowing almost close to normal services with adequate protection for patients who were initially wary of going to the hospital. It is encouraging that more patients are seeking their usual health care needs as any delay in seeking treatment for common conditions can lead to worsening of the diseases leading to complications. In fact, much more patients are presenting with what is regarded as common conditions than with Covid-19. Patients who need Endoscopy, minimally invasive surgery, and treatment of cancer need to attend their clinic visits as scheduled. Many health care practitioners have also rolled out telehealth which allows patients not able to attend the clinic to have a consultation with their doctor in the comfort of their homes or offices. We are watching the dynamic situation closely and hope that we will get through this together very soon.


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